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VASE Series.

“With VASE we wanted to create something that felt a bit like fine art, but that was both accessible and super affordable, that people could react to impulsively or emotionally or however they liked, and buy for themselves or as a gift without having to think too seriously or making a big investment.” - Josie Steenhart, VASE art director

“Art and photography have a long history with the still-life, and the ‘flower vase’ is one of the most iconic emblems of this art form. We wanted to do a super contemporary, impactful and personal take on the subject, but one that still retained a classic, fine art aesthetic.” - Adam Bryce, VASE photographer

“We started first with the vase - each is locally designed and made - which then informed the flowers, foliage and arrangement, this in turn informed the background hue.” - Josie Steenhart, VASE art director

 VASE prints are named for these colours - Ginger, China Blue, Storm, Damson, Carnation, Peat. VASE prints sit together as a complementary set but each has a unique mood and an individual personality.