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Our gift registry makes it easy for you to create a wish-list of beautiful home-wares, design objects, lighting and furniture from Simon James Design. Whether it's for a wedding, engagement, birthday or your own personal wishlist of pieces you would like to own. Simply follow the steps below to start creating your wishlist, and sharing it with others. 

1. Create a name/title for your registry

2. Enter the date of your wedding or event

3. Click through to view your personal Registry homepage. This is the page you can visit at any time to view what you have in your registry cart, edit products, and find your personal weblink for sharing your registry with others. 

4. Start browsing products. Go to the Online Store and find products you would like to add. Each item on the website has a "Save to Gift Registry" button. Click on this and then 'Add' to your registry when the pop up menu comes up. (At this stage if you have not got an account with us you will be required to enter your email address and a password so you can login and view your registry at any time). 

5. Keeping Track. You will see along the bottom menu bar that the item has been added to your Registry. Each time you add an item it will come up here. If you wish to add multiples of one item, simply 'Add to Gift Registry' again. At any time you can view your Registry by clicking on the Gift Registy button in the bottom menu bar. This will take you to your personal homepage, where you can view and edit the items you have.

6. Sharing your gift registry. When you are ready to share this page, simply copy your unique URL on your account home page into an email, or into your invitations. You guests will then use this to view and purchase from your Gift Registry.

7. For Guests. It is a very steamline and visually beautiful process for guests. They will see all the items on your list, and simply click to buy the item they wish. When an item is purchased by someone it will no longer be able to be purchased by anyone else, unless there are multiples in which case they can purchase until all of these have been bought. You can login at any time and track yoru progress, and add more items. Guests are able to purchase in-store or over the phone if they prefer, and we will keep track of any in-store purchases. 

8. Delivery. We will collate, beautifully gift wrap and deliver all your gifts to you at a date and location of your choice. 

If you would like to choose the gifts for your Registry in person, we offer a by appointment in-store personal shopping service where we walk you through the store and put together a list with you. We can also assist at any stage in the uploading, or setting up of a Registry.

This process should be exciting and seamless for clients and guests, so please contact us at any time if you would like assistance - via Email, or Phone 09 3766955. 

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Bash vessels By Tom Dixon
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Bottle grinders (set of 2) By Menu
Bow blouse By Mahsa
Bulb lamp By Minimalux
Chakra perfume By Nova
Cleansing powder By Botaniq
Cufflinks By Minimalux
Diamond on chain pendant By Jessica McCormack
Emma slip By Paris Georgia Basics
Everyday shirt By Mahsa
Fade dress By Penny sage
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