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Musings on the things that make up, and take up a life. The Simon James Journal is a carefully curated source of inspiration.


Semis - Dots and tactility

Semis rug is the first project Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have realized with Danskina and is the result of two years of intense research. Semis is an exercise in dots and tactility. Geometrically aligned and placed in different rhythms by varying the densities and heights of the rug’s knotted surface, the resulting visual effect is one of an abstract landscape, an aerial view of plantings in a field.


Newmarket Concept Store Now Open

Simon James Concept Store in Newmarket is a light-filled shop located at 2 Kent St where you can discover and purchase homewares, fashion, design, apothecary and jewellery within a modern, intimate and pared back setting.

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WASH, DRY, MEND & IRON - A care manual by shirtmaker Sherie Muijs

Made to last, the utility and quality of a well made shirt is almost an indulgence, and certainly an investment. With the proper care and mending, your shirt can endure for years - validating the relation between cost and use. With this in mind shirtmaker Sherie Muijs has launched a considered step-by-step CARE manual, with instructions on how to WASH, DRY, MEND and IRON.

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Tim Rundle Interview

Tim Rundle is the latest designer to join the Resident fold. In this interview he discusses his move to the UK, working with Tom Dixon and his newest release, the Bloom Pendant.

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Massproductions - Interview with the Founders

"All of the most sophisticated products in our lives are mass produced, from a Bic Biro to a production line car. We want to achieve that level of sophistication in our furniture. High quality in high volumes."

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Making of the Circus Lights

In this video, Resident Co-Founder Scott Bridgens discusses the inspiration behind our newest product, the Circus Lights. Produced by Veronica Crockford Pound and Joseph Griffen the film also goes behind the scenes to reveal the unique New Zealand manufacturing environment that Resident operates within.


Machines and Hands

Mattiazzi operates with their own machines and hands, and has developed a healthy obsession for woodworking. Since 1979, when brothers Nevio and Fabiano Mattiazzi founded the company, Mattiazzi has steadily cultivated its local manufacturing culture. Their highly specialized craftsmen operate the most sophisticated machinery available to the wood industry. Operating such machines is an art and Mattiazzi disproves the modern myth that mechanized manufacturing is not a craft.

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Mahsa - the designer.

Mahsa Willis' design process is very emotive and instinctual, "I like to build moodboards and contemplate ideas that resonate with how women are feeling, living and dressing." In our interview we find out more about the woman behind her namesake fashion label - mahsa.

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Established & Sons returns to Milan 2017.

2017 is the first year the brand showed at the fair itself. As the company enters a phase of renewal and regeneration, with a new team, new commercial approach and a change in leadership.

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Weave In / Weave Out- A fabric by Simon James and Textilia At Work

Early in 2016 - in search of inspiration and fresh direction for the AT WORK brand, the Textilia team approached Simon James with the idea of a NZ fabric / NZ furniture collaboration. With a shared enthusiasm the project’s journey began. Our essential vision was to develop a quality NZ wool product that was entirely in keeping with the clean simple aesthetic that is Simon James.

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Danskina Cocoon features at Maharam 2016 NeoCon

In the last decade, Maharam has worked exclusively with the British conceptual artist, Liam Gillick, and the American architect, Neil Logan, to transform its Chicago showroom into a flexible gallery space in which a minimum of product can be shown to its best advantage. Retaining these principles, Maharam invited Ransmeier to propose a novel experience based on his “thoughtful yet minimal approach to product design,” says Mary Murphy, Maharam’s Senior Vice President of Design.

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The making of Peel - by The Earnest Workshop

An insight into the hands on production of the Peel Coat stand by The Earnest Workshop.


The Crown Jewels. An interview with Jessica McCormack

Take a step back in time and journey through the home of Jessica McCormack's stunning jewellery collection at 7 Carlos Place, London.

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Paris Georgia Basics – How To Wear

Stylist Paris Mitchell recently showed ‘How To Wear’ her Paris Georgia Basics range of luxe essentials this season. It’s all about layering these slips and jackets for a timeless, trans-seasonal look for your wardrobe

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A portrait of the Danskina production

Danskina's made-to-order rugs bring a new, warm design language to commercial and residential spaces alike. Produced by skilled makers in the Netherlands, Scotland, Germany, Nepal and India, all our rugs are characterised by their distinctive textures, unique use of colours, and innovative structure.

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Making of the Parison Pendant by Nat Cheshire

Nat Cheshire talks us through the design and production process of the Parison Pendany by Resident


Massproductions - The Design Bar

Massproductions understated and elegant furniture collections cleverly and knowingly flirt with time and form, making them a perfect fit for this year’s design bar.

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‘designed from the yarn up’

‘designed from the yarn up’, Hella Jongerius about Danskina rugs Argali, Dew and Fringe


The Story of a Chair

Events, errors, dialogues, models and tests. Sam Hecht describes the birth of the Branca Chair, from his encounter with the Italian firm Mattiazzi. An interview by Francesca Picchi

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Massproductions Showroom

No 51 is part of “Allén”, a sleek, dark, neomodernist building designed by Johannes Norlander, with a no nonsense industrial touch that anchors it in the history of it’s surroundings.

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