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Royalty duo - handwash & handbalm
Tom Dixon

Royalty duo - handwash & handbalm
Tom Dixon

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Designed by Tom Dixon

The Royalty Duo by Tom Dixon includes a handwash and handbalm. The scent is enhanced with the essences of black tea and bergamot, the paraben-free hand balm and wash are rich in antioxidants and soothe and restore damaged skin. Notes of lemon, earl grey tea and cedar wood capture the smell of tea time with scones and strawberry jam. 

The Handwash is formulated for frequent use, the wash gently cleanses the skin without dehydrating. The scent of the Handblam is rich and radiates from the skin while at the same time moisturising.

Free From Parabens and SLS. All made in the UK. Sold as a set of two, in gift box. 


W75 X H175mm each bottle 


Scent Notes: Royalty is a citrus scent with top notes of Cologne, Bergamot and Lemon, heart notes of Earl Grey Tea, Verbena and Mint; and base notes of Cedar Wood.