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Bottle carafe 1.4l (wide)

Bottle carafe 1.4l (wide)



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Designed by Norm Architects

The latest addition to the Menu Glass Carafe family, is the 1.4L Bottle Carafe inspired by traditonal brandy and rum bottles with its stout, chubby base. The modern brass lid with a silicone seal will keep liquids fresh and the minimalist, refined form is sculpted from thick-walled mouth-blown glass. Use to cool drinks in the fridge or to keep wine for another day. Bottle Carafe holds up 1.4 litres of liquid.

A perfect pairing with the Wine Breather Deluxe. The Bottle Carafe is also available in 0.5L and 1L.



Material: Glass, Brass, Silicone
Dimensins H: 200mm DIA: 135mm.